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Naadi Astrology

Naadi Astrology
About Naadi Astrology:      

Great Saints Agasthiya,Koushik,Vasisht,Kakapujanda,Brugu,Naaradh,shuk and Maharishis by their virtue of divine powers foretold and engraved on palm leaves many many years ago,(during their era)about Astronomy,Siddha,Medicines, Astrological Science besides human duties,progress and purpose of birth,each and every minute aspect of human being,destined hour,the secret of birth,which are rare treasures explaining that in this birth,at what age,in which situation and at what time we will go in search and approach the Naadi jyotish and how we got or will get the inner secrets of life based on saivaite,vaishnavaite(sivaite,vishnuite)dogma.Hence this is known as Naadi jyotish.
Left hand thumb impression of women and Right hand thumb impression of men needed along with year,month,day,date, time of birth either day or night(IST),In case you do not possess the horoscope please get from your parents,any elders or some of your neighbours nearby your house some one would have born matching your time of birth and meet us with all these revelant details.On going through these particulars by us and selecting the leaf pertaining to you by us,you may compare the same with your horoscope.Then only, systematically and accurately you may know your life long predictions in a fitting manner.This is the "General rule of law"of this Naadi Jyotish.  
Agasthiya Naadi
About Agasthiya:

In Hinduism, Agasthiya is a legendary Vedic sage or rishi. Some say that it was the sage Agasthiya who first brought and popularized the Vedic religion to south India.

Agasthiya and his clan are also credited to have “authored” many mantras of the Rig-Veda, the earliest and most revered Hindu scripture (in the sense of first having the mantras revealed in his mind by the supreme spirit Brahmin). In some reckonings, Agasthiya is also said to be one of the greatest seven sages or saptarishis.

The Lalitha sahasranama which describes the 1000 names of the mother Goddess (Known commonly as gowri, parvati, or durga), was first revealed to the world when Hayagriva, a manifestation of Vishnu, taught the same to agasthiya. Agasthiya is said to have composed the aditya hridayam, a hymn to surya, and taught the same to rama just before the war between rama and ravana.

Agasthiya was a great devotee of lord Shiva. After agasthiya reached the south, in answer to his prayer for revelation on the classical language of south India, lord Shiva himself taught the classical Tamil to Agasthiya and the classical Sanskrit to Panini. Agasthiya is said to have attended Tamil sangam  (convention) and staged his work, the Agattiyam or Agasthiyam. This is one of the earliest treatise on Tamil grammar.

Agasthiya is considered as the first and foremost person of siddha. He is considered the guru of many other siddhas. He is also called Kurumuni, meaning short (kuru) saint (muni). He is said to have lived for over 5,000 years , and that one of his medicinal preparations, Boopathi Kuligai, is so powerful that it can even bring the dead back to life.

Agasthiya koodam has a history of being home of siddha medicine and it is said to be the home of Agasthiya.

His contributions were to the field of medicine (siddha) and Astrology – especially Naadi jodhidam  (josiyam or jothisyam). Three of his students and disciples were Therayar – siddha medicine, Tholkappiar – Tamil grammar and matcha muni – Naadi Astrology.

Agasthiya Naadi:

Naadi is an ancient  Indian astrology. It is said that the sapta Rishi (seven sages) had foretold the entire future of human beings and then  written on palm leaves by their spiritual powers. Among those sage Agasthiya’s writings are the popular and found in many places of Tamil Nadu.

These  Naadi leaves are not available for the total population of the world however. Agasthiya muni created for only those people who are destined to know about them. All future predictions of human beings have been predetermined exactly with time intervals and Agasthiya muni destines the time on which one should know about their predictions through this Naadi.
Shiv Naadi
In Siva Naadi, the predictions start with a dialogue between lord Shiva and goddess parvati, who requests lord Shiva to tell the predictions of her son/daughter, who has come forward to know his/her future. Lord Shiva then gives the predictions. This was recorded by sage Siva vakkya. The Maha Shiva Sukshma  Naadi is more exhaustive and accurate in predicting events as compared to other naadis like Agasthiya, Kousika, Vasishta etc. That is the reason why, the charge for this Sukshma Naadi is some what higher.

But when we compare the immense what we derive from naadi, the charge is very cheap. As in Astrology there are twelve cantos, dealing with the twelve Bhavas or houses. There are also special cantos, dealing with shanty pariharam, Diksha canto,  Vaidhya canto, Dasabhukthi cantos brief description of the subjects dealt in each canto are all given in the Appendix, which may please the referred one. In the succeeding chapters, we have also explained in detail some of the important cantos. However the first canto is compulsory. It is considered to be the index for all the other cantos. The consultation of all the cantos and special cantos are optional. But other cantos cannot be indepently
consulted, without reading the first chapter.

Another important feature of the Sukshma Naadi is that the prediction itself, tells when the customer will come to us for consultation. Usually it is indicated that the person seeking to know his future would come when Saturn and Jupiter are situated in particular Rasis. Presently, the naadi leaves indicate guru (planet Jupiter) is in cancer (Leo) and sani (planet Saturn) is in Taurus (Gemini) Rasi. When Jupiter and Saturn transit to next Rasi the present palm leaves are going to be left in the holy river Cauvery as directed by our own Naadi.i.e. Santhana Nool.