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Chapter Info

CANTO -1 (Chapter 1) – Generalized Report
  • This reading contains the name of the Naadi seeker, his / her life span, how she / he is going to live this life, his / her identify, the name of his / her spouse, names of his / her parents, details about the   present profession, his / her brothers, sisters and children.
  • This chapter will give a summary of future predictions for all the 12 houses. The planetary positions at the time of his/her birth will come in the Naadi Leaf.
CANTO -2 (Chapter 2) – Education and Wealth
  • This chapter gives details about the Naadi seekers wealth, family and education.
  • It also contains details about his / her eye sight and speech –  related information.
CANTO - 3 (Chapter 3) – Brothers and Sisters
  • This chapter presents the number of the siblings of the Naadi Seeker. His / her relationship for life time between his siblings, problems and ill feelings if any.  
  • It also provides information about his/her ears,courage,workers and victory etc.
CANTO -4 (Chapter 4) – Mother , Assets and Fortu
  • The 4th Canto has details about the mother, the role and influence of mother in the Naadi seeker’s life, its benefits and problems in his life.
  • There are also details about the Naadi seeker’s House, Vehicles, Land Treasures and general material comforts and achievements.
CANTO -5 (Chapter 5) – Children / Off Springs /
  • This chapter has details about the Naadi Seeker’s children. Their birth, lifespan, achievements, problems, death and their overall performance in this worldly visit. It also suggests remedial measures for any problems of children.
  • There also predictions about whether the Naadi Seeker will or will not have children, adoption and details about the same.
CANTO - 6 (Chapter 6) – Disease, Debt and Litiga
  • The 6th Canto has details about Diseases, their causes, duration and the extent of damage it has on the life of the Naadi Seeker.
  • It also provides information regarding Enemies, theft, debts, litigation, their causes and duration of sufferings on account of the above. It also suggests remedial measures for avoidance and positive measures for achieving success.
CANTO -7 (Chapter 7) – Matrimony
  • This chapter gives information about the Naadi Seekers matrimonial details like the name of the future spouse, horoscope and some characteristic features of the spouse, etc. 
  • Age of marriage, causes and measures for delay in marriage, future of the marriage, aspects of compatibility and conflicts if any with the Spouse etc.
CANTO – 8 (Chapter 8) – Life Span
  • This chapter deals with one’s life span, long standing health problems, about accidents and dangers which may occur (if any).
  • This chapter contains longevity, nature of death, reason of death and the exact details of your death – your age, date, time, location, Lagna and Nakshatra.
CANTO - 9 (Chapter 9) – Property, Father, Spirit
  • This chapter gives information about the Naadi Seeker’s ancestral property, about his / her father, about your accruing of wealth. 
  • It also deals with worshipping places, spiritual inclinations if any.
CANTO -10 (Chapter 10) – Job, Business
  • The Tenth canto deals with your business life, it tells about what type of business is suited for you, or which type of business shall fetch you ample profits, losses if any, change of place, partnership / Sole proprietorship and its beneficiaries.
  • It reveals about career, Job, Profession, good and bad times in career, losses in your Job, transfer / Promotion and longevity of income sources.
CANTO -11 (Chapter 11) – conveyance, Second / Fu
  • This chapter deals with sources of lump-sum profits, heavy vehicles and their merits and demerits.
  • It also provides information about second or further marriages.
CANTO -12 (Chapter 12) – Expenditure, Foreign Co
  • This chapter gives information about your expenditure of money. That is about the way in which you will spend your money, the way in which it will happen, any monetary benefits, higher status arising from foreign tours and foreign contacts.
  • It also explains about Moksha or heavenly status. It also deals with your next birth, that is where you will take birth, how will be your living conditions etc.
CANTO -13 (Chapter 13) –Past Karma, Shanti , Enh
  • This chapter deals with previous birth. It tells you where and how you were born in your previous birth. It also correlates your present difficulties with the earlier birth. Bad effects due to previous birth, sins committed, which have caused obstacles in the form of delayed and unsuccessful married life, pending cases in court, trouble from enemies, debt, stagnation in career, political or social life, deterioration of health, loss of business are also dealt in this canto.
  • It suggests remedial measures to overcome those troubles, which temple have you to go, what poojas and archanas to be done and what dana’s (donations) to be offered etc.,
CANTO -14 (Chapter 14) – Diksha – Remedial Man
  • This chapter identifies the current negative influences due to unfavorable planetary positions and evil eye casting from jealous people. These are two of the prime reasons for crisis and obstacles in your life. 
  • It suggests remedial measures about the mantras that will bring peace and prosperity to you personal and family aspects and also will subdue the enemy’s etc. To void of evil forces, to evade negative influences of unfavorable planetary positions, induced by opponent’s chanting, to avoid jealousy & opponent’s conspiracy. What mantras to be chanted for you, how long it has to be chanted, how to get talisman and (or) yantra, such details will be explained.
Aushadha Canto: This chapter is about medicines and prescription for those who suffer from chronic diseases.

Prasna Canto : You can get the solutions for your problems through questionnaire. The reader answers the questions from what is written by the Rishis or sages.

Dasa Bhukthi Canto: Speaks about the Planets influencing the native primarily and secondarily at the time of listening to this prediction. The results yielded by them and the way by which the values of them can be enriched and precautionary efforts to balance one’s weak period are all obtained. This reading minimizes one’s difficult days to the maximum level.

Gynana Canto : It speaks the goal of the life (LIBERATION) of the native, since how many births he / she has been trying to achieve it, how many births yet he / she should try to achieve the goal and the right path to be pursued and to achieve it (LIBERATION) are all portrayed in this holy script.

Political Canto: This is about predictions about social service and political life. In this it highlights about future course of involvement in one’s life career. Those in politics or desired to become a politician will come to know whether they are on this or not and also could know the chances during incoming periods. Some may have blessed for it but may not know. This chapter will give in sight about every thing  on this aspects.